Only Lyon

After spending days in Paris, I headed to another city in east-central of France called Lyon – a small city with 400 thousand in population and about 400 kilometres from city of Paris. To go there, you need to take a train (SNCF) from Paris Gare De Lyon going to Lyon Part Dieu which costs €57 – it’s a bit pricey the time I purchased the ticket but you can get a lower price if you book ahead of time. The two hour train ride was also an extra-ordinary experience for me as it was my first train ride jumping from one city to another around Europe. I could’ve booked a flight going there but I chose to add another experience and cross an item in my bucket list which was really worth it! A view of green fields, vineyards and mountains!

None of my friends have ever travelled in Lyon which made me clueless about the city so I did my research before the trip. I thought downloading a map will be enough for me but believe me you’d still feel clueless when you get there. When I embarked the train I started to look around and tried to find the exit which hopefully will lead me to the metro station. While purchasing a ticket, I was hesitant to which kind of ticket I should get as there are many of them. A lady at my back has approached me and asked me if I needed a help, and I did not refuse her (don’t be afraid to ask! – It’s part of the adventure.) Her name was Adela, she’s from Spain and only works in Lyon. She explained me the directions going to the hotel and gave some advices with the city. We had a quick chat while on the train and before we part ways she even gave me her number so that in case I need help again, I can call her. Such a kind gesture! Actually, I find all the people in Lyon a very tourist friendly.

I rented an hotel apartment in Lagrange City Aparthôtel Lyon Lumière for €90 per night.

Moving around in Lyon is not that difficult, their train system is one of the friendliest, modern and hassle free. The city atmosphere is very calm and far different from Paris where there are thousands of tourist moving around. Lyon has the Parisian building styles as well – every street is worth capturing. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Visually attracting indeed. And of course, you can’t leave Lyon without trying their food. An office colleagues told me that one of the best things to do in Lyon is to eat and he’s indeed right. I have tasted the most delicious Pesto and Ravioli – so far. :)

(Photos of Lyon, France here)

One of the highlights of my visit in Lyon was when I went to Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière – the minor basilica is one of the beautiful churches I’ve seen. Located on the top of the hill with the panoramic view of the city. The thing made it very unique is that the basilica has two churches one on top of the other!

In all, Lyon is packed with art, historical architecture and landmarks and also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A beautiful city with beautiful people.


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