The Louvre Museum

It’s bigger than it seems! The Louvre Museum or Musée du Louvre in French is a large museum and one of the most visited attractions in Paris, France. Home of the famous artworks in the world such as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa, Venus the Milo, The Wedding at the Cana and thousands more! It was originally built as a fortress The Louvre Palace on the 12th century before it became a museum in the late 17th century to display artefacts all over the world. The architecture of the building will leave you in awe, rich in details and of course, history. The glass pyramid in front serves as the entrance which caused controversies as Parisians felt that it looked quite out-of-place in front of The Louvre with its classical design.

It was raining the morning we went there. We entered the Louvre at around 9AM and there were no queues at all which gave us the chance to see the artworks up close specially The Mona Lisa – the most visited painting at the Louvre! I noticed that tourists start to enter before lunch so if you plan to go there, the early the better! The entrance fee ranges to €12 to €16 depends to which halls you plan to enter. But I suggest, to just buy the Paris City Pass which gives you access to (not all) but most of the known landmarks and museums + unlimited use of train/bus ride within the city + Big Bus tour (Recommended) + Cruise within the Paris river. Cost is €110+ for 3 days. And be sure to allot a day or half in your itinerary if you plan to visit!

It was an amazing experience to see all the artworks made by famous people and I would not mind visiting the place again in future! By the way, there is another Louvre and is currently under construction in Abu Dhabi! Lucky enough to live just next to it!

Au revoir Musée du Louvre! 


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