The Grounds of Alexandria

It was a perfect Sunday morning when I arrived in Sydney and after a long 8.5-hour flight from Manila, all I wanted was a good breakfast! From Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, we headed straight to Alexandria NSW, to check on the well-known market – The Grounds of Alexandria. With a complete selections of coffee, fresh-produced lemonades, bread and pastries, all in one place! It was sunny with cool winds outside which made it more perfect to eat and check out the place, though it was crowded already when we went there. Waiting on the long queues to order food was not really bad, actually you wouldn’t get bored while you wait because the place is so active and too many interesting stuff to see inside the market.

Delicious Burger and Sandwiches
When life gives you lemon, then make lemonades!
Freshly-picked strawberries!
Adam’s Nuts!
They serve one of the best coffees in Sydney – they say. ;)
Mouth-watering pastries!
annnnnd more desserts!

The place set up was really rustic and appealing. I felt like I was in a movie setup! Every corner is arranged nicely and will leave you in awe and make you capture everything. You can’t afford to miss a single thing inside the market. I only had few pictures of the place as I was little drained the time I reached Sydney, considering that I have been up for more than 24 hours already that time. But in all, the experience was really amazing and I’ll let the pictures speak for The Grounds.


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