Hunter Valley, NSW

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place where it is completely opposite of where you are? I always do. I’ve been living in a modern city for almost 4 years now and it has made me more appreciative of our nature. Staying in a place full of skyscrapers built in the middle of the desert and where everything is man-made gives you hunger for nature.

Countryside – I just love the idea. Vineyards, lakes, mountains, farms and everything green. I can live there forever. Actually, if you were on a trip, would you consider visiting such places like this? Away from the city enjoying the tranquility that the wind brings instead of partying at the city? Well me, Yes. I find peace and serenity here. Some may find it weird that a 27 year-old lad like me would really enjoy such thing.

Hunter region or popularly known as Hunter Valley is located in the north of Sydney in New South Wales and one of the wine-producing regions of Australia. More or less 3-hour drive from Sydney. If you’re on the hunt for wine, cheese and country-yard experience, this makes the perfect place for you. There is nothing much to see in the Hunter region but vineyards. People go here particularly to do wine tasting, the good part is that most of them are for free! But please consider to buy bottles of wines too. I’m not an expert in wines but I have tried few back in UAE, my boss introduced it to me. My least favourite is red wine, I find it strong, I’d like the white one better. My favourite is Riesling, so far. Oz wines have a fruitful taste compared to the ones produced in the western part of the globe.  Aside from wines, you could also go for cheese tasting which costs $3 depending on the store. You may also consider visiting Hunter Valley Gardens – a 60-acre garden situated at the hunter vineyards. Here you will find a different arrangement of gardens, though winter is not the best time to go here as the plants are quite dry. Best time to go here is during Spring or summer, they say. Entrance fee is AUS27 (Php900).

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What’s special about my visit here? It’s the experience.


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