California Series: Lake Tahoe

I was so desperate to see some snow during my trip to America (who does not want to see the snow if you live in a country were 40 degrees is a normal thing). Because of that, my friends and I thought that heading to north of California seems a good idea. We drove for about 3 hours from San Francisco and what waited for us was, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake that is located at the border of California and Nevada at a surface of 6,000 feet.

Lake Tahoe offers different kinds of activities. Summer? Water sports, hiking and biking. Spring and autumn? Why not do camping with the friends. And of course Winter. So since I was looking for some snow, what a better way to experience it but to go skiing. Wait, skiing? Am I really sure? I was reminded of my tragic experience in Dubai. I first tried skiing in Dubai and I almost broke my legs! But what the heck, I was living the moment and that did not stop me from doing it again. We took the lessons first as all of us (well some) were first timers.

Here we are posing like pros. See, we are fast learners after all. But, don’t be fooled because after this photo, we started tumbling and falling down the hill. As the saying goes, try and try until you (die) succeed, and at the end of the day we did learned how to ski. (except Ivory who hugged the trainer the whole time!) Haha!

(photo from left: Jay, Ivory, Paula and Me)

I really had fun and enjoyed every bit of it. It was scary at first but you’ll never get there if you don’t try. Will definitely do it again! Glad to say I have my sport now. I think I might join a ski competition next year, just kidding!


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