California Series: Los Angeles

I grabbed the opportunity to drop by to Los Angeles while I’m in California. I travelled almost 8 hours from the east coast just to get to Cali, and thought I should make the most out of the trip! From San Francisco, I took a flight to LA where I spent 1 night to have a glimpse to the famous city of the stars – Hollywood!

My LA trip was the shortest and yet the most tiring and expensive leg of my US tour! Why? Because I was not really prepared for it, everything was a last minute preparation. I booked my Airbnb just a day before my trip and had no idea how to get there from the airport. Good thing google was there to help me! I arrived at the Long Beach Airport in LA (approx. 30-min drive to Downtown) early morning, instead of taking a very expensive taxi ride I managed to negotiate a van service for a fixed price of $40. My room check-in is at 4pm, and since touring with luggages would be such a hassle, I thought of leaving my luggages to LAX where I will take my flight the next day BUT unfortunately they removed all the lockers at the airport years ago. So I had no choice but to call a luggage service outside the airport for additional $40 (if I remember correctly).

I started my LA tour in Marina del Rey where I purchased a one-day pass in City sightseeing LA bus tour. TIP: when you are too lazy to prepare an itinerary, always look for a big bus tour! It’s very convenient and you won’t miss any tourist spot in the city. That’s what I always do in my recent trips since I do not have much time to prepare.

My LA itineraries:

1. Fisherman’s Village 

It’s a commercial boat anchorage and a tourist attraction nearby LAX and is the largest man-made small boat harbor located in Marina del Rey, California.




2. Santa Monica Pier 




3. Beverly Hills / Rodeo Drive

I did not step down the bus would you believe it? I was too lazy and tired and decided to just enjoy the bus tour! I did not even pull out my camera to take pictures! Haha! At least I saw it!

4. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA)

Do you recall these famous lamps seen in different movies?


5. Hollywood

6. Downtown LA

Places to see: Staples Center, LA China Town, Walt Disney Theater, Los Angeles Municipal Building and many more cites around Downtown LA. It was a quick tour though.

And that’s how packed my one-day trip to LA was! Yet, I know there are still many things to do at the city. That’s my excuse to visit LA again and again and again.



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