My New Dubai Apartment

Dubai, UAE – My second home away from home. I have decided to go back in Dubai after living for almost 2 years in Abu Dhabi where I had a very calm, laid-back and stress-free life which I really loved. But I had to leave due to life circumstances. One of my 2016 goals was to find a new apartment and it just went well as planned.

Well, moving into a new apartment was never an easy thing to do. So many paper works, installations, deliveries, assemblies and of course payments! Living in Dubai is comparable as to New York and London – they say. Though I chose to stay a little farther from the city so it’s a little cheaper and definitely away from the traffic.

I enjoyed much decorating the apartment as it pulls out the designer in me! Probably, if I were not an accountant I would be an architect. I wanted the apartment to be so minimal in colors, mainly white with contrast of black.

For my living room and dining area: Sofa bed from Home Center, TV rack , center table, lamps, vintage clock and displays from Ikea (yeah, I’m an ambassador of Ikea!) Well, it’s mainly because Ikea has almost everything and it’s a good value for money. My dining table  and chairs were from Dragon Mart.



Bedroom is still work in-progress, still deciding on the room decor. For now, I kept it very clean and simple. Almost everything was from Ikea except from the computer table and chair.







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