#neverforget 9/11

I could still remember the day when these horrendous attacks hit the United States of America. I was 13 years old and was playing with my cousins when I saw the breaking news on the television. I was confused on what is happening to the world as I watched the twin towers burn and fall down. It’s like watching a movie in real life. My family was also worried  since my eldest brother and his family were about to move and migrate to US soon that time. Since then, I became interested in world’s current events, I even watched all documentaries in Nat. Geo about 9/11 (almost!).

Last December, I got the chance to visit the 9/11 memorial and it gave me goose bumps all over. I couldn’t help but imagine how terrifying it was to be there during the attack and knowing that two thousand people have died in this place. So many people have lost their lives and this city has lost a part of its soul.

15 years later rise the One World Trade Center


Memorial’s reflecting pools where the twin towers once stood.
In memories of nearly three-thousand people died in the attack.
Never forgotten.



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