Weekend in #MyDubai

And since I’m officially back in the city, I thought of revisiting again my favourite spots where I used to hang out 2 years ago. Well, actually even when I was still living in Abu Dhabi, I often go to Dubai to meet friends and do my weekend habits. Only difference now is that I could call it a home again.

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Moylo’s Burger

So finally, I got the chance to try this new and quirky burger joint in Dubai named Moylo’s Burger which I first saw and heard from my friends and some online posts. It’s located in Jumeirah Road (towards the Burj Al Arab) alongside with other good restaurants that you will find in the city. It has that “blog worthy” feels, so we just had to try it. What I liked most on this place was its creative interior. Faded chairs and tables, recycled materials to give the small space a cool attitude and its witty quotes everywhere – I just loved it.

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The Grounds of Alexandria

It was a perfect Sunday morning when I arrived in Sydney and after a long 8.5-hour flight from Manila, all I wanted was a good breakfast! From Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, we headed straight to Alexandria NSW, to check on the well-known market – The Grounds of Alexandria. With a complete selections of coffee, fresh-produced lemonades, bread and pastries, all in one place! It was sunny with cool winds outside which made it more perfect to eat and check out the place, though it was crowded already when we went there. Waiting on the long queues to order food was not really bad, actually you wouldn’t get bored while you wait because the place is so active and too many interesting stuff to see inside the market.

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3 Days in Muscat

It was a sudden trip, so I did not prepare any itineraries neither to do some research about the place. I just booked a hotel and fueled up my car and voila! It is always that the Eid holiday is announced just days before it, so it a’int easy to prepare a holiday trip because you’ll never know when would be the exact date it’ll fall. And this year, our office was generous enough to give us three days of holidays! Happy days!

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