Exploring Zanzibar in 5 Days

We couldn’t think of any other place to go to escape the summer heat of the Middle East and do a bit of relaxation and adventure. Zanzibar has been on our list for the longest time and finally, we are able to tick this off from our travel bucket list!

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Weekend in Montenegro

Our recent travel to Montenegro has become easily one of our favorite trips in Europe. It is such a small country with so many breathtaking views of the mountains, ocean and lots of bay areas plus plenty of gorgeous people!

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7 Days in Sydney

Sydney for a week? Sounds short but just enough to cover the city essentials plus other attractions within New South Wales. All you need to do is to wake up early every morning, join the morning commuter buzz, grab a take away coffee and walk under the morning sun and start exploring the city! Be sure that you are in your most comfortable shoes as it is best to go around the heart of the city by feet.

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