Our Airbnb in Florence

Found this beautifully decorated Airbnb room perfectly located in the heart of Florence and is just few steps away from Firenze’s landmarks. Very clean, full of snacks, quirky items inside and above all friendly and bubbly hosts! Laura and Max were very friendly and nice to accommodate our request of an early check in. It’s pity that we only stayed for two nights. It was definitely the best Airbnb we stayed at the entire trip!

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My Airbnb in Los Angeles

I had a one-night stay in Los Angeles with no friends around so I booked a hotel room right away to secure my stay. But of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without any surprise! Just a week before my US-trip I received notification from the hotel that my reservation was cancelled (oh-no!). I was so lazy to re-book a room (seriously, this is the part I hate most when planning a trip) until I’ve completely forgotten it and only remembered the day before I flew to Los Angeles. I immediately grabbed my phone and checked the hotels around LA but since it’s a last-minute booking, prices were insanely high! Good thing there’s Airbnb! It’s my first time to use it and had no idea how it works but I just tried and found this very artsy room in Downtown LA. The price was almost similar to a 2-star hotel but what made me decide to book this room was to try something different.

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I had a 6-hour layover in Singapore before heading Manila, just enough time to literally get around the city. First stop Haji Lane!

Life in a Box!

Welcoming you to my space here in Abu Dhabi which reminds me one of my favourite shows – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces!

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