Our Airbnb in Florence

Found this beautifully decorated Airbnb room perfectly located in the heart of Florence and is just few steps away from Firenze’s landmarks. Very clean, full of snacks, quirky items inside and above all friendly and bubbly hosts! Laura and Max were very friendly and nice to accommodate our request of an early check in. It’s pity that we only stayed for two nights. It was definitely the best Airbnb we stayed at the entire trip!

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Roma Pride

No hate. Just love. 

Found ourselves in Roma Pride during our second day in Rome, it wasn’t planned but it made our trip more memorable and fun. Something that was completely out of our itinerary. We enjoyed being surrounded by happy bunch of people with the Colosseo in the background! What made it even more exciting is that our organization was one of the delegations and we’ve met some colleagues who invited us to join the parade. Happy days!

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My 10 Most Beautiful Cities

There are so many cities in the world and each one of them is different from the others. Every city is unique and is known for its arts, cultures and histories, others – for their architecture and iconic buildings, others are known for its natural wonders while some cities are known for their culinary expertise. There are vast numbers of beautiful cities in the world and I am happy to share 10 of them which I have visited in almost 20 countries.

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#neverforget 9/11

I could still remember the day when these horrendous attacks hit the United States of America. I was 13 years old and was playing with my cousins when I saw the breaking news on the television. I was confused on what is happening to the world as I watched the twin towers burn and fall down. It’s like watching a movie in real life. My family was also worried  since my eldest brother and his family were about to move and migrate to US soon that time. Since then, I became interested in world’s current events, I even watched all documentaries in Nat. Geo about 9/11 (almost!).

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Gallery: #MAgreaterthan28

It was my first time to celebrate my birthday with a party in Dubai after almost five years of living in the city. I usually tend to just fly out of the country and celebrate it elsewhere, but this time I chose to celebrate it with the people who have been there for me since the day I arrived here in UAE.

Thank you to all the people who came to my #MAgreaterthan28 party held night of August 5, 2016. I appreciate all your efforts!

Special thanks to my friends (Fantastic 8) and family who helped me with all the party preparations!

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