The Entrance, Central Coast

We had an easy-going day at The Entrance, a two-hour drive from Sydney and a popular destination in Central Coast of NSW. There are so much things to see in the area, but we decided to take it easy and just indulge ourselves with the food, music and the beautiful sceneries around.

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7 Days in Sydney

Sydney for a week? Sounds short but just enough to cover the city essentials plus other attractions within New South Wales. All you need to do is to wake up early every morning, join the morning commuter buzz, grab a take away coffee and walk under the morning sun and start exploring the city! Be sure that you are in your most comfortable shoes as it is best to go around the heart of the city by feet.

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Hunter Valley, NSW

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place where it is completely opposite of where you are? I always do. I’ve been living in a modern city for almost 4 years now and it has made me more appreciative of our nature. Staying in a place full of skyscrapers built in the middle of the desert and where everything is man-made gives you hunger for nature.

Countryside – I just love the idea. Vineyards, lakes, mountains, farms and everything green. I can live there forever. Actually, if you were on a trip, would you consider visiting such places like this? Away from the city enjoying the tranquility that the wind brings instead of partying at the city? Well me, Yes. I find peace and serenity here. Some may find it weird that a 27 year-old lad like me would really enjoy such thing.

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The Grounds of Alexandria

It was a perfect Sunday morning when I arrived in Sydney and after a long 8.5-hour flight from Manila, all I wanted was a good breakfast! From Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, we headed straight to Alexandria NSW, to check on the well-known market – The Grounds of Alexandria. With a complete selections of coffee, fresh-produced lemonades, bread and pastries, all in one place! It was sunny with cool winds outside which made it more perfect to eat and check out the place, though it was crowded already when we went there. Waiting on the long queues to order food was not really bad, actually you wouldn’t get bored while you wait because the place is so active and too many interesting stuff to see inside the market.

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