#neverforget 9/11

I could still remember the day when these horrendous attacks hit the United States of America. I was 13 years old and was playing with my cousins when I saw the breaking news on the television. I was confused on what is happening to the world as I watched the twin towers burn and fall down. It’s like watching a movie in real life. My family was also worried  since my eldest brother and his family were about to move and migrate to US soon that time. Since then, I became interested in world’s current events, I even watched all documentaries in Nat. Geo about 9/11 (almost!).

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US History: The Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, Maryland, is a historical American coastal star-shaped fort best know for its role in the War of 1812, when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attach by the British navy in Chesapeake Bay September 13-14, 1814. It was first built in 1798 and was used continuously by U.S. armed forces through World War I and by the Coast Guard in World War II. It was designated a national park in 1925.

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California Series: Lake Tahoe

I was so desperate to see some snow during my trip to America (who does not want to see the snow if you live in a country were 40 degrees is a normal thing). Because of that, my friends and I thought that heading to north of California seems a good idea. We drove for about 3 hours from San Francisco and what waited for us was, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake that is located at the border of California and Nevada at a surface of 6,000 feet.

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Top of the Rock

There are many things to see in New York City but one can’t miss to see the panoramic view of New York City from Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Do not hesitate to include this on your to-do list in NYC! Nothing beats the view of the concrete jungle from the 67th to 70th floor of GE building – one of the tallest buildings in NYC and is also the home of NBC TV.

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My Airbnb in Los Angeles

I had a one-night stay in Los Angeles with no friends around so I booked a hotel room right away to secure my stay. But of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without any surprise! Just a week before my US-trip I received notification from the hotel that my reservation was cancelled (oh-no!). I was so lazy to re-book a room (seriously, this is the part I hate most when planning a trip) until I’ve completely forgotten it and only remembered the day before I flew to Los Angeles. I immediately grabbed my phone and checked the hotels around LA but since it’s a last-minute booking, prices were insanely high! Good thing there’s Airbnb! It’s my first time to use it and had no idea how it works but I just tried and found this very artsy room in Downtown LA. The price was almost similar to a 2-star hotel but what made me decide to book this room was to try something different.

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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in the middle of New York Harbor, in Manhattan, New York. The Statue was a gift from the people of France to the United States and was designed by Frederic Aguste Bartholdi. The famous statue represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and tabula ansata which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 and then became the famous landmark of New York City.

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Times Square Ball Drop 2016

Ticking this off from my bucket lists! This was the craziest thing I ever did. Joined the million people who lined up at the streets of New York, stood under 5 degrees outside and waited for 12 hours just to witness the New York Times Square Drop Ball but it was all worth it! We even packed our food just to be sure we don’t get hungry! Haha. It wasn’t the best new year’s eve firework display I’ve seen but rather the most memorable one. It is something that you only do once in your life.

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